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perfect alignment with your interest

Perfect Alignment with Your Interest
Zero Annual Management Fees
Pay only for Performance

Aggregate Asset Management holds a Capital Markets Services (CMS) Licence for fund management activities under the Securities and Futures Act, Singapore and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Based in Singapore, we manage the Aggregate Value Fund - a no-management fee Asia value fund. Our clients only pay performance fees for absolute returns. We are value investors - we invest in undervalued listed securities in Asia by practicing an independent, bottom-up approach to security selection.

Our objective is to achieve net of fee returns of 10% p.a. for our clients who are invested with us for five years and more. The targeted returns do not come in like clockwork – there will be crashes, panics, euphoria, bears and bulls in the stock market. It is part and parcel of a double-digit return. Investing in the stock market is risky in the short term, and so we expect our clients to stay with us over the long term and possess the fortitude to ignore short-term market fluctuations. We especially welcome clients who have the courage to fight despair and go against the crowd to put in more funds when the stock market is at its most bearish!

Our clients are high net worth individuals, companies, family foundations and institutions. Under MAS rules, We can only accept Accredited Investors. An Accredited Investor is defined according to the Securities and Futures Act, as an individual with a net asset of SGD$2M or an annual income of $300,000. For companies, they need at least a net asset of SGD$10M.

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